What is wetPONG?

What is wetPONG?
The field of micro- and nanosystems in life sciences is inherently highly interdisciplinary. In both academic research and industrial R&D the people involved need to be able to communicate and work with a large number of collaborators from different fields and backgrounds, know about the possible applications in the pharmaceutical industries, medicine and patient care and take responsibility of the societal implication of their work. Successful products and research findings can only be achieved when this transdisciplinary collaboration is learned and taught on-the-job and at all levels Read the story »




Simplicity: Paper based microfluidics, diagnostics for all


Paper-based microfluidic devices, new opportunities for diagnostics in the developing world.
The Simplicity approach of recent research done at the Whitesides group in Harvard has led to a series of simple and cheap microfluidic devices based on simple paper or DIY solution to build a centrifuce from an egg-beater. Shortly after publication in Lab-on-a-Chip and PNAS they started a non-profit organisation "Diagnostics for All" dedicated to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics designed specifically for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of urban hospitals and medical infrastructures.

see an instructions video here

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