What is wetPONG?

What is wetPONG?
The field of micro- and nanosystems in life sciences is inherently highly interdisciplinary. In both academic research and industrial R&D the people involved need to be able to communicate and work with a large number of collaborators from different fields and backgrounds, know about the possible applications in the pharmaceutical industries, medicine and patient care and take responsibility of the societal implication of their work. Successful products and research findings can only be achieved when this transdisciplinary collaboration is learned and taught on-the-job and at all levels Read the story »





Well, well. Our first experiment with the labyrinth didn't quite work out as we thought. First of all the ball was rolling around without us pressing any liquid into the labyrinth.

When we actually did use the two injection needles nothing happened... The ball is just to heavy for this type of game.

The other thing was the propper sealing of the device. We tried it with the "Glue Gun", but it still was leaking. We really have to think trough this and come up with some new ideas.




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