What is wetPONG?

What is wetPONG?
The field of micro- and nanosystems in life sciences is inherently highly interdisciplinary. In both academic research and industrial R&D the people involved need to be able to communicate and work with a large number of collaborators from different fields and backgrounds, know about the possible applications in the pharmaceutical industries, medicine and patient care and take responsibility of the societal implication of their work. Successful products and research findings can only be achieved when this transdisciplinary collaboration is learned and taught on-the-job and at all levels Read the story »




Experiments with pumps in Taipei


During the Playaround09 Workshop in Taipei we have also been doing some experiments in Bioelectronix, building microscopes and also some hacked CD-rom drives to be used as linear syringe pumps.

The motor from the CD-rom was controlled using a L293 (H-bridge motor controller) from the arduino. single drop can easily be controlled, allthough the speed still seems to be too large for small microfluidic devices.

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December 17th, 2009 at 07:45    

I've seen it in the 09 playaroundworkshop.
It's so cool, when the CD-ROM motor push the injection,very smooth~

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